Join Ben Shaffer’s Affiliate Program and Promote IM Cartel

Ben Shaffer - IM Cartel Affiliate Program

Ben Shaffer just re-opened the IM Cartel.

It’s an awesome and completely done-for-you way for someone to make money with Kindle books…and they don’t have to write the books!

If you’re looking to promote IM Cartel, now is your chance.

It’s easy to promote, as who wouldn’t want to make money without having to lift a finger?

If you take a look at the page below, Ben explains exactly how it works…and it sounds really cool.

When you promote a “regular” product, it’s completely up to the person who bought it whether they make money or not. Here, they won’t have to do anything at all since it’s being done by Ben and his team.

If you think your customers would like something like this, make sure you sign up for the IM Cartel affiliate program, and start promoting it today!

Join Ben Shaffer’s Affiliate Program and Become an IM Cartel Affiliate Today!