Join Anik Singal’s IM Target Affiliate Program!

Anik Singal - IM Target Affiliate Program

Anik Singal just announced that he’s going to launch a product called IM Target.

If you join the IM Target affiliate program, you’ll get $50 a sale. No refunds, No reserves, you get 100%!

How great is that? Talk about a great offer. I’ve purchased products from Anik before, and they’re always very good, so you know that he only releases high quality stuff.

Sign up now, and start earning more money!

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Join the Fishbowl Formula Affiliate Program

FishBowl Formula Affiliate Program

Just recently, Jody Underhill launched a new product called the Fishbowl Formula.  If you’ve already seen it before, the picture will look familiar.

Would you like to join the Fishbowl Formula affiliate program, and promote it?

If so, the link is right here.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised once you join too.

You see…Jody is doing this along with Ryan Deiss, and the affiliate program that you’ll be joining is one of Ryan Deiss’.

What does that mean for you?

Once you become an affiliate of the Fishbowl Formula, you’ll also be able to promote some of Ryan Deiss’ products!

So don’t wait any longer…sign up to become a fishbowl formula affiliate now!

Join the AdSense FireStorm Affiliate Program

Listen up… this is big, and if you want to make some SERIOUS cash before Christmas then you need to be part of this launch by one of the largest names in Internet Marketing, Sean Donahoe.

His Adsense Firestorm plugin just went live this morning, so make sure you start promoting it now. There’s some serious commissions to be made here.

Your list is going to love this one. His students have already been using it and have seen 12% CTR increases in 28 days. Some are even making $2000 up to $13,000 a month.

He has an amazing plugin backed with powerful training that will show your list how to do the same.

You’ll earn 60% on each sale on the front end and a powerful set of high-converting upsell funnel that has converted at 40% on previous launches.

Jump on this now, lock in the date and get ready to make some cold hard Christmas Cash!

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Join Yanik Silver’s Affiliate Program and Promote Underground 9

Each year, Yanik Silver puts on an incredible event called the Underground Online Seminar. It always sells out, and is just an incredible event with the best of the best in Internet Marketing.

Yanik just put up the sales letter for Underground 9, and has started selling tickets. Would you like to promote Underground 9?

If so, Join Yanik Silver’s Affiliate Program and you too can promote Underground 9!

Join the Commission Inception Affiliate Program

Want to promote Commission Inception?

On Thursday, October 25th, Winter Valko and Steven Johnson will be releasing their newest product, Commission Inception.

The EPC’s are ranging from $1 – $5 with test traffic, so they expect it to go higher once the product is live.

This product works, and has hours and hours of content. There is a great sales funnel, so you have a chance to make a lot more money!

The front end offer is only $49, and there are a few different upsells that you can learn more about.

Sign up to the Commission Inception Affiliate Program!

Join the Marketing with Anik Affiliate Program!

Don’t you hate when someone refunds a product they bought…and there goes your commissions? Well Anik Singal hates that as well, so when someone buys Marketing with Anik through your link, you’ll get the $50 – even if they refund the product. How awesome is that?

So once someone buys the product, the $50 in commissions is yours, even if they refund.

When you join Anik Singal’s affiliate program for Marketing with Anik, that’s what you get!

You’ll be exited to promote Marketing with Anik though, even forgetting about the great commissions.

Marketing with Anik is a great product that will really help your list.

It’s 15 weeks of coaching from Anik…plus almost $5,000 of previously sold and bonus material.

So they get a TON of stuff, and just pay $37. You really can’t beat that.

Everyone wins. You get $50 for each sale, and your customers get 15 weeks of coaching plus a ton of other stuff (including Affiliate Classroom, Lazy Tubester, and Clickbank Overnight Expert Course.)

So if you’re looking to make money (even if someone refunds), and help your people out at the same time, you should become a Marketing with Anik affiliate now and start promoting!

Join the Buyer Arbitrage Affiliate Program

Looking for a new Internet Marketing product to promote?

Shawn Casey, Brian Koz, and James Renouf are releasing Buyer Arbitrage on October 18th, and are looking for some people to help promote it.

What is Buyer Arbitrage?

Buyer Arbitrage is a desktop software that lets a user find hundreds of buyers for specific products or services. The software also finds top notch providers ready to fulfill the product or service the buyer is looking for. The user then has the option of personally providing the service, or hiring a third party to fulfill the order.


If you’d like to become a Buyer Arbitrage affiliate, now is the perfect time. Since the product hasn’t come out yet, you’ll have time to get your promotions together, and even have a chance at winning their contest!

Join the Buyer Arbitrage Affiliate Program Now!

Join Rich Schefren’s Affiliate Program and Promote Profit Hacks

Rich Schefren is going to launch a product next month, and the pre-lauch starts at the end of this month. If you know anything about him, he hasn’t launched a product in a long time, and his products are really good!

This one will be called Profit Hacks, and the product is from both him and Pete Williams.

The course is about how you can “hack” your business, and work a lot less than you do now, yet still make a whole lot more money.

I think you’re going to want to promote Profit Hacks!

Join Rich Schefren’s Affiliate Program Now!

Join the Kindle Cash Flow Affiliate Program

Want to be an affiliate of Ty Cohen in his new product, Kindle Cash Flow 2.0, which will begin pre-launch October 9th?

Let me tell you more about Kindle Cash Flow First:

  • It is a physical course delivered to your subscribers.
  • It has 7 Cd’s with 40 course modules.
  • It has 21 bonus modules.
  • It has 3 full color strategy guides included in the package.

It will cost $997, and will have a lot of value to your readers.

If you’re interested, sign up for the Kindle Cash Flow affiliate program.